20+ years in the making.

Sway your audience with digital marketing that moves.


Search Engine Optimization

Since the dawn of Google, our SEO team has been in the game. We help both new and established brands swing realistic SEO strategies that drive unmistakable organic momentum. But, good SEO doesn’t come in a box. Balancing sound technical practices with compelling content and impressive links requires original human thought, backed by rock solid data.


Paid Media

Find your rhythm with relevant audiences by spending less to earn more. The Pendulum House team works around the clock, optimizing ad campaigns across all applicable platforms to ensure you get the best possible cost-per-lead. We never “set it and forget it.” Our custom reporting and clear-cut attribution modeling measures advertising success with every beat.

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Social Media

Scrolling at swift tempos, audiences breeze through social content without much thought. Our social team has spent more than a decade figuring out how to capture prolonged attention in social feeds that offer a margin of error of just milliseconds. We tap captivating imagery and inventive copy to secure the *pause* and *click*.


Design & Development

Quality design serves as the anchor point for the best user experiences and our creative team knows how to match your brand with the emotions you want audiences to feel. From comprehensive website builds to visually exhilarating social posts, we know how to catch an eye and create a vibe.